Z is for Catching Up On Some Random Zzzzz's...

Zip-a-dee-do-dah! Zip-a-dee-day!

Whew! Just typing up those lines are making me tired. I've been sick with a cold and cough combo that's totally kicking me in the you-know-where. Instead of writing my last A to Z challenge post over the weekend, I took a lot of naps instead. It's hard enough being sick with a bug, but to be sick and not take anything for it (because of the pregnancy)??? It just plain sucks.

But! It is the last post so I gotta give you more than a few zzzz's to put you down snooze town. So get ready for the randomness 'cause here we go:

Z is for Zuma

This dude totally freaks me out. Zuma was a Filipino movie I watched when I was maybe 7 or 8 years old, and I still remember him after all these years. Well, I mostly remember cowering in fear. He's supposed to be some sort of Aztec demigod who got unearthed from a buried Aztec pyramid. He's big, he's green, he's strong, and he wears a freaking two-headed snake around his shoulders! Man, he gave me nightmares for a long time.

Z is for Zombies


Speaking of nightmares, I've had two consecutive dreams about zombies a few weeks ago. Both times I woke up disoriented and drenched in sweat. Now I'm not one who easily gets scared--in fact, I love to read horror books. I don't watch a lot of zombie movies, however, because (1) I don't watch a lot of TV/movies to begin with; and (2) I don't watch something that my kids can't watch (this is why books are great!) Anyway, I was surprised about the zombie dreams. Though come to think of it, prior to the nightmares, I dreamed about vampires. Not the sparkly kind. Just your ole regular blood-sucking pain-in-the-ass monsters.

Z is for Zeugma

This is your vocabulary word of the day! Zeugma (pronounced zoog-muh)is a figure of speech in which two or more parts of a sentence are joined with a single common verb or noun. (Wikipedia)


“Whether the nymph shall break Diana’s law,
Or some frail china jar receive a flaw;
Or stain her honour, or her new brocade,
Forget her pray’rs, or miss a masquerade;
Or lose her heart, or necklace, at a ball;
Or whether Heav’n has doom’d that Shock must fall.”
--The Rape of the Lock by Alexander Pope

Well, that's it for today, folks! Thanks to all who've come and visited me, and also for the new follows! A big thank you to Arlee Bird and the organizers of the A to Z Blog Challenge. It's been a cool month of posting. I'll try to catch up on your blogs this week for sure. I may be slow but I'll get there. Also, if you followed me and I haven't followed you back, let me know. Chances are, I couldn't find the link for your blog.

<3 ya!


M.J. Fifield said...

Zombies give me nightmares too. That's why I'm very selective about what zombie shows and/or movies I will watch. I never sleep when The Walking Dead has new episodes out...

Chris Fries said...

Congratulations on making it through to the end of the A-to-Z Challenge!!!

Excellent job!

Julie said...

So sorry you've been sick! I've really enjoyed your A-Z posts, congrats on finishing the challenge!

The Golden Eagle said...

I'm sorry to hear you're sick. Hope you feel better soon!

I'd never heard the word zuegma before; thanks for posting about it.

Congratulations on finishing the A-Z Challenge. :)

The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

Patricia Lynne said...

I had a dream last night about zombies and have been wondering if it'd make an interesting story. Have to wait and see, working on another new idea right now.
Congrats on finishing too. =)

Cheryl said...

Awful to be sick and not able to take anything! Hope you feel better soon. And congrats on making it through the z's! I'd have given up long ago.

DMcWild said...

Hi Zherie:

You had me at Zombies.

All of the other letters from A to Y are boring. Sorry let me explain, I don't mean that you're posts were boring, it's that those letters are.

Z is the man. It's the bose it's zuper.

Zats all I have to zay about Z.

Thank you for finally recognizing the letter Z.

Your Ziend,
Don or if you prefer Zon

Simon Kewin said...

Great words. I especially love zeugma. Sleep well and congrats on sticking the course!

Rachna Chhabria said...

Zombies give me the heebies jeebies.

Take care of your health, you need lots of TLC at this point. Hugs!

Emily R. King said...

Zuma sounds like an interesting movie. That guy is way freaky.

Congrats on completing the A to Z Challenge! You rock, Cherie. :)

Shannon Lawrence said...

I've never been a big fan of zombies. Not sure why. Zeugma is a great word, and Zuma certainly would have given me nightmares, too!

Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z

MTeacress said...

Hi Cherie. Thanks for dropping by my blog on the A-Z. It was fun, wasn't it? But I'm glad it's old news now. ;) Have a good week!

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