Chapter 9 of "The Skeleton Key" and A Scary, Evil Meme

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Hello Monday!

Business first. The Skeleton Key Round Robin Blogvel gets steamy with Chapter 9 by JLea Lopez of Jello World. Check it out! All previous chapters can be found in the Table of Contents.

And now for the funny: I give you a scary, evil meme.

This is my response to the Panty Meme I've been tagged with. Yes, I'm looking at you Jenny Phresh and Riley Redgate! Originally created by the Greenwoman aka Michelle Simkins who nefariously schemed this meme from tweep pressure. =)

Enjoy...or not.

Evil Panty Meme
by: writercherie

I've also been tagged in two other memes and two blog awards, but I promise I will get to them tomorrow. Thank you, Rachna Chhabria, Deirdra Edden-Coppel, Lena Roy, and Kacimari! ;D


Anita Grace Howard said...

Ohmyholygoodness!! LOLOLOL! You rock my panties, sparkly girl! Heee. Well done and SO creative! And the "I was a girl scout once" line was hysterical!!

I'll never look at dishrags the same again.

Great job! :D

Anonymous said...

OMG. I 'bout died. HAHAHA "If you tell me they are knickers I will hunt you down tonight." LMAO!!!

Angela V. Cook said...

I wish I had sound on my laptop :o( It looks cute though! lol! I'll try to get on one of my kids' computers later on and check it out ;o)

Darke Conteur said...

LOL! Omg that was great!!!!

RaShelle said...

LOL. Very funny!

Jen said...

Ha! I knew you would be a finalist.

"hot rutabaga's and toenail clippings." I think I'm going to curl up in a corner now and try to keep from throwing up. lol!

A.M.Supinger said...

outrageously awesome! This is why I love you! *smooch*

cherie said...

Thanks, guys! I'm glad you enjoyed my video. This vid took too long to make with me stumbling my way through it. *Filmmaking is NOT in my future, btw.* :D

Lydia K said...

The bumpit and fangs line might be the best! LOL!

Suzanne Payne said...

Oh My GOSH! Cherie, I think you win for most original panty meme! That was EPIC! How in the world did you do that??? So great...I had to pause it because I was laughing and I didn't want to miss anything! I loved the words in purple glitter! You're rockin' Hollywood! love you!

Bethany C. said...

Brilliant! Simply, utterly, brilliant! That was genius! My face hurts from smiling, and look at all the exclamation points!!, I've gone mad!

I love the bear nod--that was rad. You brought it, doll. Awesome!

cherie said...

Lydia, thank you! Someday I will explain the not-so-hidden meaning of the bumpit and the fangs combo. Actually, you could probably ask any of the goatposse tweeps on Twitter. ;)

Suzanne, thank you girlfriend! Glad you liked it. ;)

Bethany, my favorite rookstar! I'm so glad you're back. =) And yes, the bears were for you and Phresh, my dear. Love yah!

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