Poetry Schmoetry Link, Blog Challenge Update, and Snape!

If by chance you wandered here looking for Shelly Brown's POETRY SCHMOETRY BLOGFEST, you can find my poem entry here.

Now for an UPDATE on my Blogger challenge (and the state of my brain after reading 200+ blogs):

I'm happy to say that I did it! Finished, done, with minimal damage and no throwing up. =) I'm fairly positive I got all of you. I went through every blog showing up on my Google Reader and I even used the iPhone app Byline (an RSS feeder) to keep track when I wasn't using my desktop (which was 85% of the time).

So you ask, And what are we supposed to learn from this madness? Are we to think you are fond of inflicting pain upon yourself?

Heavens, no. First off, it was done in fun and to show that I do read the blogs I follow, even if I don't get to all of them every day. Secondly, I learned that captcha/word verifications can be really annoying sometimes. Especially when the made-up word is hard to read. And third, mobile blog versions suck, because as soon as I push Post Comment or Publish, it takes me to the Web version and my comment is MIA and I have to do the darn thing all over again.

I also found a few "dead" blogs--I couldn't see their RSS feed, or sometimes, Google Reader would tell me that they can't open the URL (meaning, it has been deleted or discontinued).

The best part of the challenge was getting to read your wonderful posts and seeing familiar faces. It was like meeting an old friend in a cafe by accident, and thinking, "Hey, I remember you. It's been a while, but it's good to see you."

So, that is that. I don't think I'll be doing any crazy challenges anytime soon. But I'll be sure to keep up with you fellow bloggers every once in a while.

On another, entirely different note, I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 yesterday. I'm telling you it is EPIC. Really well done. Go see it if you haven't yet.

Have a great weekend, everyone! In honor of HP, I leave you with this video (my kids' favorite, and the song is catchy, so check it out!):


Krista M said...

I completely agree. Deathly Hallows Part 2 was EPIC. :) And I love that video too! I found the source of the mysterious ticking! ;)

Jen said...

I have a mobile version of my blog but I've never had that happen, strange. Going to see HP tonight! Can't wait!!!!

Angela V. Cook said...

Wow! I can't believe you visited that many blogs! I only have about a dozen or so that I follow and I still feel overwhelmed sometimes! LOL! Kudos to you! :o)

Wendy. Blog Author said...

I will take a couple of week to 2 months for us to get HP here IIiGGGGRRRRRRR

Wendy. Blog Author said...

Oh and I always preach that word verification is comment enemy number 1.

LisaAnn said...

Woohooo!! I always love it when you stop by. BTW, you should totally check out my blog post: "Versatile Blogger Award and Seven Facts about Kai Murphy."
(http://lisachickos.blogspot.com/2011/06/versatile-blogger-award-and-seven-facts.html ) The main character in my work in progress is apparently your clone, and Jenny Phresh and I have been discussing the likeness like crazy. ;)

Pk Hrezo said...

Wow you're a rockstar!! 200 blogs?? I know how tough it is to get around to all of them. I usually go off of comments to my own blog and catchy titles in Google reader. :) I always visit those blogs who comment on my own first.
Man I hate those word verifications!

Ellie Garratt said...

200 blogs? Wow. Not that is a challenge. Well done!

Ellie Garratt

Mindy McGinnis said...

Well done indeed! I hope you aren't blogged out!

I'm jealous you got in on the HP epicness so early, but I'm alleviating my jealousy this week!

cherie said...

Krista, yay for Deathly Hallows! I cried during the movie (I'm
SO lame. *tearjerker*)

Jen, it only happened to me a few times. Most of the mobile blog versions were fine, including yours. ;)

Wendy, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you don't have to wait too long for HP to come to your area. And oh, about captchas, I usually don't mind them. But having to do captchas in succession was a pain, especially after the 50th odd word I had to type in the box. I don't blame people for using them, if they're getting a lot of spam.

Lisa, you flatter me, but really your Kai is much too pretty; I'm embarrassed to be even in the same sentence with her name. ;)

Pk, hi girl! Yep, I had a moment of madness. It's ok, I'm quite sane now. ;D

Ellie, I love your prof pic btw. It was fun visiting your blog. Methinks I'll frequent you from now on. :)

Mindy, you'll love it! Except for...ahhhh, I won't spoil it for you. ;D

Anita Grace Howard said...

LOL. That video is great! And I went yesterday to see the movie and thought it was SPECTACULAR. Such a satisfying ending to the series. SNIFF. I'm still grieving a little, but loved the ending nonetheless. :) Oh, and congrats on your blog challenge! whew. You are the blog queen, my friend. And I'm w/you on the word verifications. Bleck. Have a great day, sparkly!

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