Versatile Blogger...Who, Me?

I had a nice surprise this morning. My new blogger friend Lori M. Lee over at You Are The Unicorn of My Dreams (such a cute blog name) passed me The Versatile Blogger Award. Here it is in its beautiful, green glory:

 Woot! Woot!

My very first blog award, yay! I feel so super. Thanks, Lori! <3

There are rules that come with this baby:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated me.
2. Share seven random facts about myself.
3. Pass the award along to 5 new-found blogging buddies.
4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them.

I've already thanked Lori so I'm just going to say, check out her blog because she is such a cutie, she loves anime/manga (who doesn't, right?), and she loves cheese! (Yes! Yummy cheese.)

Now on to the 7 random facts. Hmm...this one needs more brain power.

#1 I went to geek school for High School. It was a government-sponsored institution and we had to take two different exams (a sort of screening test) to get in. The focus of the school was on Science and Technology (we were the ultimate nerdbots), so all of our curriculums covered advance Math and Science subjects. (We were also on scholarships, which meant I never had to pay a dime and I received a monthly stipend from the school. Sweet!)

#2 Because of said geek school, I had to live in a dormitory for 4 years. I was barely 13 when I entered. I cried into my pillow for several nights, until I made friends and my homesickness lessened. I did get to go home every weekend.

#3 On a not so depressing note, I used to join Art Poster Competitions. I won three times: school level, interschool level, and regional level. I used the prize money to buy myself a new dress and new shoes (I was 12 at that time).

#4 I went to Hawai'i for college. Blue skies, hitting the beach in between classes, it was truly paradise. =)

#5 I worked part time while going to school. I was a waitress, food server, gate greeter at an Ali'i Luau restaurant. Tourists would come up to me and have their picture taken...with me in it. It was hilarious.

Photo by andy castro

#6 Alright...what else is left in my arsenal? Oh, the first time I experienced snow, I was in Japan with my hubby. We were there for Christmas vacation. On our way to the airport, a huge blizzard hit and our flight was canceled. We drove through the thick sheet of snow with zero visibility. It was crazy, but we made it to a hotel safely. To this day, we joke around that it was like Planet Hoth from Star Wars.

Ice Planet Hoth Photo by ulybug

#7 And lastly, I come from a big family. Lots of siblings, lots of fun and chaos growing up.

Whew, glad to get that part over with. And now, I'm passing this awesome award to my new blogging buddies who have entertained me, made me laugh, helped me along the way to bloggingdom, and are just plain awesome people.

The nominees are (drumroll, please!)

Mindy McGinnis

Ashley Graham

Jenny Phresh

Lydia Kang

Joyce Alton

Come collect your award, ladies. =)

UPDATE: I'm also fortunate enough to be handed this award two other times from these SUPERB WRITERS: Carissa from My Inner Stillness and Scott Niven from Scott Niven - Author. Check them out people! They are wonderful.


Lori M. Lee said...

Wow, living in a dormitory at 13 must have been rough. (but also fun?! haha) You've had such an interesting life already! Great things to know about you :D

cherie said...

Thanks, Lori. And thanks for the award again. I'm still feeling all tingly from it. lol. =)

Jenny Phresh said...

Zow, I am so excited. Thank you! Shiny award. Very green. Very glorious!
Geek School...that ought to be a book series! (Humph, probably is already?)

cherie said...

Ah, no series. It is too boring. Harhar!

Mindy McGinnis said...

Awww... I feel all grateful now. Posting on the bloggy!

Lydia K said...

Thank you so much!
Wow, school in Hawai'i? I am so jealous! How could you study in a place like that?

cherie said...

Lydia, it was hard! Not the classes, but the TEMPTATION. =) I still managed to keep my A's though. Whew! Occasional B's for when the classroom had windows. Haha!

Anita said...

Cherie, the more I learn about you, the more interesting you are! Congrats on winning this award ... which BTW, I had intended to gift you w/next week. HA. And then you beat me to a couple I had planned to hit next week, too.

Everyone keeps beating me to the punch today! :) Have a great weekend; and congrats to the other award winners! All well deserved!

cherie said...

Thanks Anita!

I was talking to my mom last night and she was telling me how they (both my parents) were wondering what I could possibly write that would interest people. LOL! By their standards, I'm quite boring. Haha! SO glad to know you find me interesting.

Note to my Mama: I did not get offended. =)So don't worry and no hyperventilating, ok? Haha!

Joyce Alton said...

I knew you were something exotic and special the first time you started commenting and posting on AQC, cherie. The tidbits about your personal life fit right into that. You're blog has been a delight to read. I think you're going to go a long way as a blogger and a writer.

And thanks for thinking of me in return.

cherie said...

Aw, thanks Joyce aka Clipper ;) I've always had the utmost respect for you. I still remember cringing when I knew you had just left a feedback on my chapter during the marathon last summer. Not because you were harsh, but because I'd get embarrassed that you would see my ineptitude. :) You were always kind and helpful (still are), and the AQ forum you started became my writing home.

So thank you. ;)

Huntress said...


Do you want another one?? :)
Come to my blog and pick up your Blog On Fire award.

cherie said...

The karmic universe is listening to me. Must do more good deeds! =)

THANK YOU Huntress! You are so awesome to even think of me. =)

Ashley Graham said...

Oh my goodness! THANKS, Cherie! I can't believe you thought of me!

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