We interrupt your lazy Saturday routine to bring you this exclusive news (those chips are not going to walk away, trust me).

My good karma is paying off. This morning, I woke up to another surprise. This time, from my lovely friend Huntress who, by the way, has such an awesome name! When I think of a huntress, I immediately conjure up images of the Greek goddess Artemis, who is known for her hunting prowess and superbly athletic abilities. This goddess is not one to fool around with, I tell you.

I digress.

Back to the announcement.... Huntress aka CD Coffelt keeps a dynamic blog over at Spirit Called. (Check it out, folks, if you haven't already done so.) And this morning, she handed me my second blog award: Blog On Fire Award. How cool is that.

Woohoo! Look at that thing. It's on fire!

I am really and deeply honored to have people care enough to remember me. What a nice welcome for this newbie blogger. Thank you for making me feel all mushy and tingly inside.

*grabs Kleenex box*

So. To pay it forward, I pass this award to the following blogs I frequent for the humor and fun, for the connection they extend to their readers through sincere and heartfelt posts, and for the sheer awesomeness of the blogger behind the blog.

Bluestocking Mum

A Still and Quiet Madness

Rookie Riter: Trying to get it write

Reads, Reviews, Recommends

Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire

Musings Of An Ordinary Mind

The Wordsmith Apprentice

The Party Pony

Congratulations! May our blogging endeavors connect us together and enrich ourselves and our readers.

UPDATE: My new blogger friend has also awarded me the Blog on Fire. Thanks to Scott Niven! Check out his blog here. His books are out and the cover art is beautiful!


Anonymous said...

*clears throat* ....

*awkward pause* ...

"I would like to take this moment to thank the members of the academy of Cherie because she is just awsomesauce ... thank you"


cherie said...

Ooh, awesomesauce. I like that. =) Thanks, Sophie. You are awesomesauce yourself. ;)

Jenny Phresh said...

On fire indeed! Thank you for this honor (you are too too kind). I will strive to uphold all that comes with this award by creeping around low to the floor, as if under smoke, and dressing up as Sparky the Fire Dog (R). Are there rules that come with this one? Now I gotta get me an award you don't already have so I can give it to your awesome blog (which, by the way, is so HANDSOME. How did you get it looking so nice?)

Anita said...

Aww, thank you SO much, Cherie! WOOT! I lurv me some blog awards. Hey, make sure you pop by my blog on Monday. I'll have a surprise for you. In fact, I have one for Jenny girl and Sophie as well! See you all then. :)

Rebecca Dupree said...

Great award! I like the fire!

cherie said...

@Jenny: I polish it with wax three times a week, spray Lysol to keep it germ-free, smear a bunch of pretty-looking words, and start all over again the next week. ;D hehe. Actually, google came to my rescue since my techie abilities are nil and pathetic.

There's only one rule for this award: Pay it forward. It's what Huntress told me. ;)

@Anita: Oohhh...methinks I'll be there bright and early. ;)

@Rebecca: Hi and thanks for the follow! Welcome to my haven.

Bethany C. said...

SQUEEEE! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Seriously, I'm having such a good time getting to know all you amazing writers. I'm honored to be in company with these cool chicks.

Caitlin Vincent said...

Oh, wow, Cherie. Thank you so much! I'm...I'm honored. And suprised. And just plain happy :) You are so very kind and I'm so glad that you got TWO awards for your blog - you definitely deserved both of them! :)

Kate Evangelista said...

Thank you for thinking of Reads, Reviews, Recommends for the award, Cherie!

Huntress said...

You have a great selection of winners. Some of them are on my faves list also.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! You are definitely hot!! (get it? get it?) I think your blog is gorgeous, by the way. I love the design!! Sophie Li cracks me up and I am stealing "awesomesauce"!! What a cool word!!

cherie said...

Thanks, Shawna and Huntress!

Bethany, Caitlin, and Kate: You're welcome! Enjoy!

Bluestocking Mum said...

How lucky am I?

Not only to have received this award, but to have had the pleasure of your company for the last few weeks while doing the A-Z challenge.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the award - I'm very honoured, But more importantly, thankk you for all your words of encouragement and support. It's been great to meet you during the challenge and I look forward to following you posts and writing in the future


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