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If you smell something, it's only the stench of GUILT wafting your way. My guilt for not blogging. Or visiting blogs. But my days and nights lately are blurred into overlapping scenes of baby diapers, 3 a.m. feedings, and doctor appointments. The little one hasn't had it easy since he was born. We've been visiting the pediatrician's clinic more times than we care to because of an eye infection. And when he was prescribed antibiotics for it, his eyelids promptly puffed up after the first few applications. If you were around my neck of the woods and you saw a frazzled mom with mismatched flip-flops lugging a heavy infant car seat to the clinic while sweating profusely under 100 degree F weather, yeah, that was me. Thankfully, baby's okay now. We are coming up on our one month mark, and we've survived! Yipee! Only 17 years and 11 months to go. Right? :D

Anyway, I haven't written anything for months, and though this is only a blog post, at least it is something. I've been reading a lot, however, to make up for the not-writing part. So maybe sometime I'll do book spotlights again.

Well, I aim to be helpful but my brain's not organized enough to come up with a brilliant, cohesive writing post so I'm giving you links instead. Links to super helpful blog posts about querying by none other than my SUPER AWESOME agent, Julia A. Weber!

Go check 'em out! You can also follow her on Twitter for more query and pub tips: @jawlitagent.

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