A Makeover

Hello, hello!

I hope you all had a fun holiday weekend. While the kids and I battled a cold virus during the break, we still managed to have fun so it was all good. I'd been avoiding the computer and the Internet due to my aforementioned headache problem (which still continues to assail me, btw. I'm beginning to worry there's something else going on in my old noggin--or maybe, I'm just being a pessimistic, worrywart. Crossing fingers it's only the pregnancy hormones causing havoc in my brain.) But then I come across some lovely blog templates online and I couldn't help myself. I just had to do a blog makeover.


You like?

Haha! Cute, no?
Source: Amazingmania.com

I think there's something refreshing about makeovers. It's like when my hubster decides to redecorate the house every few years and then, voila! The same-old abode feels like new again...without tearing down walls and tearing up hair strands over paint colors. I love it. :)

So here's to hoping I would be well again to continue blogging. I've really enjoyed getting to know you through the blogosphere. It has been a wonderful experience.

Speaking of makeovers, the only thing I don't like about Blogger's new comment system is its two-word captcha. As if we don't need enough reasons to trigger my headaches.

Really, Blogger? Really? I think you need more black globs in there to render the words totally indecipherable.
So if I haven't been by to comment on your awesome posts, it's probably because the captchas kept me.

Have a great week, everyone!


Jenny Phresh said...

Gorgeous my dear! Me lurve it.

The new capCHA is horrible, horrible, horrible.

cherie said...

Aww, thanks, Pony! <3

Angie Sandro said...

I love the colors you chose for your blog makeover. The browns with pink is so pretty. You've got style, baby. I hope you feel better soon.

Krista M said...

I love the new makeover! Very visually appealing! I had to get rid of the blog verification on my blog because it was just too difficult to read.

A.M.Supinger said...



Kayeleen Hamblin said...

Love the new look.

Also, I have pregnancy related headaches for the first time ever. No fun. Good luck.

i'm erin. said...

Nice new do'! But those baby pictures are seriously creepy.

Bethany C. said...

holy crap, that is one cute baby--even with the Nene Leakes wig. MUA!

cherie said...

@Angie: Thanks!

@Krista M: I know, right? Those word verification thingies are definitely troublesome.

@AM: :D

@Kayeleen: You too? Oh, sorry to hear that but congrats on the pregnancy! Good luck!

@Erin: Hahaha! It's the chipmunk cheeks, isn't it?

@Bethany: LOL! I had to google Nene Leakes, and when I saw the pictures...LMAO!

Small Town Shelly Brown said...

Things I love
The new look!
The baby makeover (I need to do more of these)

Things I don't love
Headaches (get better, girl!)
Captcha (hate it! tell me it's not on my site!)

julie fedderson said...

Love the new look, very classy! That baby with the makeover looks just like a woman I work with, right down to the full frontal cheek blush.

Anita Grace Howard said...

It's BEOOTIFUL, just like my sparkles. I hope the noggin feels better soon! I had headaches w/my second pregnancy, so it's very possibly hormone related. Do talk to the doc about it, though. Make sure it's not blood pressure issues, okay? <3 YOU!

Ashley Nixon said...

I LOVE the makeover! I plan on a different theme for my blog anniversary. LOL. I hope your headaches get better, Cherie!! <3

J. A. Bennett said...

This feels like night and day from your old blog! But I like it :)

I did a post on how to remove word verification and I've gotten 50+ hits just from google, although I'm not sure that's enough...

Angela V. Cook said...

Love the new layout! It's very purdy :o)

Wendy Ewurum said...

For my second and third pregnancy I had terrible headaches Cherie, so lets hope that's the reason. apparently they're quite common.
I also love the makeover. Very mother earthy, anything to do with current feelings? lol
Hope you get well soon Cherie, ciao.

Peggy Eddleman said...

Love the new look! Makeovers are the best and so much fun!

And I'm right there with you on the captchas.

Kristin Baker Przybyla said...

Looks great! I've been tempted to try a new background too. Maybe in the spring. And I hate those captchas, I got rid of them on my blog. Haven't had any problem with spammers either (knock on wood). BTW, I totally had headaches ALL the time when I was preggers! Helps to stay hydrated and keep food in the tummy, but sometimes you just can't get rid of the dang things. Feel better!

Tara Tyler said...

love the new look! hows the pregnancy going?
and hate the new human verification! ack!

The Golden Eagle said...

I love the new blog look! Especially the header--it's so pretty. :)

Jessie Humphries said...

Are the captchas only for the new blogger template? Cuz I haven't updated to it...am I safe? I love your makeover...I need one in real life.

Sarah Pearson said...

This looks lovely.
Hope those pesky headaches do a runner soon.

Miranda Hardy said...

The blog is very nicely done!

Simon Kewin said...

I like! Looks great. And I do agree about the evil new two-word CAPTCHA. I'm encouraging everyone to switch it off ...

Joyce Alton said...

Ooo, pretty. Love the new look, Cherie!

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