Wherein My Mind Wandered and I Had To Rope It Back Into the Old Noggin

I've been such a scattterbrain lately. I really thought life would resume normality once my little kiddo goes to school, but while this week has been a success for her (she LOVES her teacher, she's gotten a NEW BESTFRIEND on the very first day, and the school lunch menu has 3 meal choices now--and "Mommy, there is cake on Thursday!"), I've been lost in the wanderings of my own mind.

So. I haven't done any real writing, haven't been reading a lot of your wonderful blogs, and I've just been in a general sort of funk. Not the sad kind, more like the "What am I going to do and Where am I going next?" kind of a thing. Sounds like a midlife crisis, but no, it's not. Besides, I'm not THAT old. :D

I guess I'm just going to ramble now. Feel free to stop reading whenever you want--I promise I won't get offended. ;) Sometimes I feel like I have to do things--for instance, I've been thinking about how I haven't even blogged about writing tips, or anything remotely helpful or thought-provoking. Then I see all the other blogs in my RSS Feed and they've pretty much covered everything else I wanted to say or write about. I stare at my WIP and the old doubts rise up to attack me: You call yourself a writer? Do you even know what you're doing? And then the ever annoying chuckle, followed by: You dish out writing advice and you can't even follow your own advice?

Sigh. Get out of my head, you miserable Mr. Doubt! And take Ms. Self-Pity with you on your way out!  

If only it were that easy, right?

To pass the time (who knew I had time to pass?), I've been doing some digital art work. It's my therapy. The interesting thing I've come to realize is that when I'm creating visual art, my writing gets stoppered with a cork, and vice versa. It's like I'm only allowed one creative outlet at one time. What's up with that? Maybe this is one of those conundrums: You draw, you can't write, OR you can't write, so you draw, OR you write, and you can't do anything else at all. HAHA!

Writing this post seems to help me rope my brain back into my noggin. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get some writing done today. Crossing my fingers now.

I wish you all a fabulous, productive weekend! May the MUSE be with you. :)


Because I'm a scatterbrain, I forgot to give you the link for this week's Skeleton Key blogvel Chapter 12 by the ever prolific writer, Michelle Simkins

Also, J. Lea Lopez of Jello World hosted a sexy short story contest called Clothing NOT Optional. J. Lea writes romance and erotica, and her challenge was to come up with a sexy story where the characters steam up the page while keeping their clothes on. No nudity. I normally don't write sexy stories but peer pressure, and the challenge to write out of my comfort zone, made me cave in. There are four entries up on her blog, and the voting is now OPEN for readers to choose their favorite story. I won't tell you which one is my story so it will be a fair contest, as all entries are anonymous. So head over there to read and choose your favorite (hopefully, you'll like mine). You are allowed to blush, btw. It's ok, I won't tell anyone.


Ellie Garratt said...

Sometimes writing our thoughts down is like therapy - we work out what our insecurities are and then devise a plan to deal with them. Or, just by writing them down, we realise they aren't that bad after all. Don't worry too much about non-writing and other writerly things, it will all slot back into place eventually!

Angela V. Cook said...

Don't EVER doubt your ability to write. You have so much talent . . . seriously (first hand knowledge, thank you very much ;) I can totally relate though--Mr. Doubt and Self Pity have been having a party in my head the past couple of weeks! LOL!

At least you're still doing something creative, even if it's not writing. Having some kind of creative outlet helps get rid of the "funkies" :o)

cherie said...

Thank you, ladies!! You guys are super sweet to help me out.

Ellie, true words, my friend!

Angela, awww, I love you. And thank you so much for helping me out with my 1st chapter. You are a talented writer yourself, and I respect your opinion very, very much. ;)

Jenny Phresh said...

Ah, my friend, I have been there. But multi-talented people like you are cool!
I have had a big problem with my WIP this week. I cannot seem to move the word count an inch. Totally self-doubting. But we will get back on track; have faith!
We await the hurricane here in the northeast. Too exciting to focus on writing! Another excuse....

Jeana said...

I feel like I haven't written all summer with the girls home. And now it's time to start writing again.

cherie said...

Stay safe, Phresh! I don't think I can rescue you from a hurricane, if it comes to that, though I don't doubt my ability to rescue you from a bear. :D <3

I have faith in you, so I must have faith in myself, too. Thank you.

Jeana, I feel the same way. Summer's been fun and games and vacations, but now it's time to work. ;)

T.S. Welti said...

I think most of us are right there with you. Sometimes the voice of doubt gets stuck at full volume and you can't seem to find the switch to turn it off. I feel the same way, especially right now since I feel I've been neglecting my blog to work on book 2.

Don't let Mr. Doubt win. You are a VERY talented writer. We all have room to grow, and the fact that you don't see yourself as some sort of writing god makes you that much better. Keep your chin up, my dear, and use whatever outlet you need to stretch your creative muscles. :)

Anita Grace Howard said...

You are not alone, sparkly girl! But I've seen your incredible writing, so don't let anything make you second guess that talent. Take breaks when you need to! We'll all be here when you get settled again. Remember, I'm in the same busy boat with you right now! :)

Javid Suleymanli said...

Don't worry Cherie. It happens to everyone! you're gonna be OK soon.
But my problem is worse. I have no time to read blogs, watch movies (which I cannot live without) or even open a page to read! My mind is wandering this university subjects and it is impossible to rope it back into this noggin. But I'm still positive! :))

julie fedderson said...

I think you just wrote a great blog post and didn't even know it. It's reassuring to know others have the same doubts and that by working through them, that cloud can lift. The muse will be back--after all, Mercury is no longer in retrograde!

Riley Redgate said...

I'm going to strangle Mr. Doubt! He has no right to prey on one as wonderful and hilarious and talented as you are. <3 GTFO, Mr. Doubt.

Cheryl said...

Been there, done that. Sometimes a short break helps, esp doing something you enjoy like your art. Longer breaks (like summer with the kids) make it harder to get back in the groove. Sit yourself down at the old computer and write, like you just did. Once you get started, it gets a lot easier.

The Golden Eagle said...

I find, too, that working on something else instead of writing can stopper up the works. But it usually flips back around soon enough if I pay enough attention to my WIP. :)

Hope you're having a productive weekend!

Ciara said...

Sending the kids to school makes us a little loopy for a few days. Don't let doubt get in the way of your success. As a writer, I totally get how this can cripple you. Don't let it. We are here. If you need some extra support, check out Alex Cavanaugh's new group for writers. Keep going, girl. You can do it!

cherie said...

Wow! You guys are amazingly supportive! I'm so grateful for all your comments. :) You don't know how much you've uplifted my soul with your words. Thank you. So. Much.

T.S., you are such an amazing friend. I'm so grateful for your friendship, which I'll treasure forever. ;) Love yah!

Anita, you know I love you. I also know you are busy at this time, and for you to take time to read this post & comment is just a testament of how wonderful you are. Thank you, lovely! I really appreciate you.

Javid! So nice of you to drop by. ;) I hope you're enjoying school!

Julie, yes, good to know Mercury is no longer in retrograde ;D (even though I'm not sure what that means but it sounds like a good thing!) Thank you...it's reassuring to know I'm not alone. :)

Riley, awww you're so sweet! Yes, let's strangle Mr. Doubt (oh wait, we won't get incarcerated for this, will we?) <3 u!

Cheryl, I think that's what happened to me. This summer has been particularly hard for me, writing-wise. I birthed a few short stories but haven't really worked on my WIP. It's time to get back to work. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Golden Eagle, yes, that's always been the case with me. I also found that I can't write when I'm reading a book. I get too scared that the author's writing style will get assimilated subconsciously into my own work. Anyway, I'll try to get back to immersing myself in my WIP to get in the mood for it. Thanks!

Ciara, hey girl! Nice to see you here. Thanks for dropping by. I'll have to check out Alex's new group. <3

Jemi Fraser said...

Mr Doubt sublets a portion of my brain and comes to visit far too often too. I hope you've written yourself back into the zone!

Anonymous said...

I think it always takes a moment or two to get back in the groove. I, too, am looking forward to my extra writing time when my kids go back to school. However, after years of experience, I know that I will sit around that first week and wonder, "Now what the heck am I supposed to do?"

It's normal and only means that good things are just around the corner.

Hugs and rope in that muse while you're at it!

J. A. Bennett said...

Cherie, you are an amazing writer! Don't be doubting yourself. I seriously look up to you as a writer, you're one of my hero's! Do I need to drive down there and kick your butt, becasue I will!

Anonymous said...

I thought I commented on this before, but obviously not. We ALL go through these times! So far I have found that if I work in spite of my feelings of doubt and anxiety, soon I start to feel better about things again.

And I have no doubt that you are mad talented. Just think how much awesomer you'll be if you keep at it!

A.M.Supinger said...

This is how I feel - you know, without the whole kids-going-to-school part - and it SUX. We'll get through it together, I guess! *VROOM VROOM* lol

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