Monday Funnies

Hello Monday!

I hope you all had a nice Father's Day weekend. To all you daddies out there, THANK YOU.

By InaFrenzy

The Skeleton Key Round Robin Blogvel continues with Chapter 4 by E.M. Delaney. As of writing this post, the chapter is not up yet so I will update this later. UPDATE: Apparently, our Chapter 4 writer is MIA at the moment.

Check out the other chapters: Skeleton Key table of contents.

And now, enjoy the funny!

By Debbie Ridpath Ohi


Jen said...

he he.

Ricky said...

Love the Dad portrait.

Krista M said...

I love the bottom cartoon! I always have bursts of creative inspiration when I don't have something to write with... never tried writing on someone. :)

cherie said...

Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by. I find myself being in the middle of something when inspiration strikes me, so this cartoon made me laugh. =)

Hope you're all having a great day. ;)

Kate Evangelista said...

I love the last comic. I think I do that too. ehehehe

Tara Tyler said...

hee hee! those are great funnies!

Jenny Woolf said...

Funny cartoon!

Kimberly Krey said...

Hi Cherie! So because you are so absolutely fantastic, I've awarded you with The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. There are rules in accepting this, my dear, so be sure to check out my blog to view them. BTW, I love the cartoon. Wonder if my husband would be up to a trip to the beach in order to fuel my "creative inspiration". Say, somewhere in Hawaii? Hey, it's worth a shot, right?

Rachna Chhabria said...

I love both the cartoons. May borrow it from you for a future post.

cherie said...

Rachna, sure thing! Just make sure you include the attribution, since they have some copyright to them and they're not mine (creative commons; which dictates to put a clear attribution when using said pic/cartoon).

Kimberly: Thanks, hun! Hawaii...oooh, I so wanna go there. ;)

Tara and Jenny: Yay! Glad you enjoyed the funnies ;)

Sylvia Ney said...

Cute cartoons!

Clarissa Draper said...

Love the portrait and the cartoon. Sadly it resembles many dads and writers. Hope you find your missing chapter.

Anita said...

Haha! I LOVE this! I'm soooo going to remember this when I'm on vaca at the lake with hubbie in a few weeks. LOL.

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