Monday Funnies, Contest WINNERS, and a Round Robin Blogvel

Hello Monday!

Wow, good to know we're all still here. I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend despite rumors of doomsday and the so-called rapture. ")

First things first--because I know you've been waiting for this while hunkering down in your fortified bunker-style basements for two days--we have WINNERS!


For the First Chapter Critique: Rachel McClellan

For the $15 iTunes giftcard: Sarah Fine

Congratulations! Email me at writercherie [at] gmail [dot] com to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone who participated. I had fun reading what made you happy. Apparently, family/kids/baby toes ranked topmost being listed 9 times by participants. Here is the breakdown:

Writing/Ideas/Agent Requests: 8        Reading/Good books: 4
Good friends: 5                                Being comfy: 5
Hot cocoa: 5                                    Food/Drinks: 5
Pets: 3                                             Weather (sunshine/rainy days): 3
Movies: 4                                        "Me" time: 2
Disneyland: 1
Personal goals (such as getting a job, getting toned, not moving): 3
Watching people fall down: 1

Er, I won't bother interpreting those data stats. I think they speak for themselves. ;)

Before we get on to the funny for today, I have a quick desperate plea favor request announcement: My good friend Michelle aka Green Woman is hosting a Round Robin Blogvel, and we'd like to urge bribe invite you to join us in what could be a potentially fun (if it's not disastrous) writing blogvel.

If you're like me and you went glassy-eyed at blogvel, here are the details from Michelle's own blog:

Here’s how it works:

  • I will write chapter one and post it on my blog.
  • Someone else will write chapter two, based on my beginning, and post it on his or her blog.
  • Someone else will write the next chapter, based on developments in previous chapters, and post it on his or her blog.
  • Repeat until everyone has had a turn.
  • I will write the concluding chapter and post it on my blog, UNLESS someone else feels a burning desire to do so.
  • Each person who posts a chapter will include a link to the FIRST chapter (for newcomers who want to start reading at the beginning), a link to the PREVIOUS chapter, and a link to the blog where the NEXT chapter will go up, to make it easier for readers to follow the whole story.
  • I will post a link to the latest chapter on my blog every week, OR I will make a Round Robin Blogvel PAGE and update it weekly.
  • Chapters will go up on the same day every week. Probably Monday.
  • The more authors who participate, the longer our blogvel will be.
I think it’ll be a great way for writers to meet other writers, and for readers to find more awesome blogs they didn’t know about. Also I think it will be very fun.
So here are the RULES:
  • You can write in your own style, and you can make just about anything happen. The only thing I ask is that what you write flows naturally from what came before. A hypothetical example: If Mary Sue has always been kind to animals throughout previous chapters, and you decide she is going to throw stones at a puppy in your chapter, you MUST provide a believable motivation for the sudden change. Like, you know, demon possession, or being under a spell. Or maybe a killer puppy.
  • Please keep chapters to 2,000 words or less
  • Please be sure you can do it if you sign up. It will be more difficult for everyone (but especially me) if you flake out.
  • Post your blog entry on MONDAY the week your chapter is scheduled. Email me a link to your chapter at michelle [dot] simkins [at] gmail [dot] com.
Now you are asking, “How do I join in on this fantastic adventure?” Lucky for you, no dwarves or wizards need mar the green paint on your door to issue an invitation. All you have to do is email me at michelle [dot] simkins [at] gmail [dot] com. When you send your email:
  • put “Round Robin Blogvel” in the SUBJECT line.
  • include a link to your blog
  • let me know if you want to write a chapter at the beginning, middle, or end of the blogvel. OBVIOUSLY if you start at the beginning, you will be writing your chapter sooner. If you go middle or end, you are at the mercy of the plot twists of all authors who came before you.
  • Get your email to me by midnight on Monday, May 23.
  • Please email me even if you already said you were in on Twitter or AQConnect. I need your contact info, blog link, and your beginning, middle, end preference.
After sign-ups close, I will take all of the author’s requests and assign chapter numbers to everyone. I imagine there will be a certain amount of shuffling and tweaking that has to be done. So, allowing another week for that, I believe that chapter one of this endeavor will be posted on Monday, May 30. That is, however, a TENTATIVE start date and could change depending on the number of participants. And on how fussy they are.


I hope you'll consider joining us. Be warned though: we're a wacky group, but in a really, really good way. If you've seen us on Twitter, you'll know. Right, Michelle?  ")

Have a fantabulous Monday everyone! Here's a funny for you to enjoy....

BY Debbie Ridpath Ohi



Jen said...

So sad I didn't win, but I will still enjoy your blog regardless :D

cherie said...

Thanks, Jen. Don't worry, we'll have more contests in the future. ;)

Kittie Howard said...

Congrats to the winners! Your blogvel sounds like fun (we've done this orally while sitting around the fire on camping trips; it's a hoot how the story evolved) but I'm maxed out.

T.S. Welti said...

That blogvel sounds like such an interesting idea. Having so many different writing styles come together in one work could either be a disaster or a masterpiece. Let's hope for the latter. Congrats to the winners.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for the winners! And thanks for passing on the news about the blogvel.

cherie said...

Hi guys! Sorry you didn't win. If I were a millionaire, I'd give you all gift cards, but no can do right now.

Thanks for participating, though! It was fun. =)

Sarah said...

Oh, wow! I won! I so rarely win anything! Thanks so much! That blogvel sounds fascinating--looking forward to reading what everyone comes up with.

Anonymous said...

Yes .. a big WHEW! lol

Congrats to the winners!!

And how fun is the Round Robin Blogvel! Fiction is not my strong suit otherwise I would jump in head-first!

I think it will be awesome fun! Can't wait to read it all!

cherie said...

Sarah, email me so I can get your prize to you. ;)

Sophie! You didn't get raptured, hooray! I would miss you too much if you were gone.

Rene Nightingale said...

I'm always late for contests! Next time I will be ready! Awwwww....

Anonymous said...

LOL & awwww <3

Nope ... God looked at me, turned around in disgust and said "WHATEV"

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