On Writing and Other Knickknacks that Stumble My Way

I am a writer. Or so I tell my sleep-deprived self when I am staring open-mouthed at the screen, willing words to zip from my brain and onto my Word doc telepathically so I won't actually have to do the physical labor of typing them down.

*5-minute power nap

Hi!  Welcome to a piece of my mind, that is, my blog about writing, books, other writers (comrades!), the pursuit of publishing (and happiness), and the courage to declare I'm a writer! even when I have nothing to show for it. Yet.

I love books. I like how a bunch of words can come together and create life. It's almost like birthing (and I have two kids, so I know what I'm talking about). Writing books is just as much a labor of love as having kids. It is magical, painful, mind-boggling, energy-sucking, and you are guaranteed to lose a few brain cells along the way. But. The end result? A being that's a part of you--never mind they got your hubby's eyes, and nose, and chin, and...well, you get the idea. The thing is, you shaped it, you created it, you gave it life. And that's the beauty of being a writer (and a mom at the same time).

So, come on down for the ride. I'll be highlighting books and authors I like, other noteworthy blogs to follow, maybe a few grammar lessons here and there (I'm not a grammarian, so we'll be learning together), on WIPs, agents and publishing, and some such. I'm an amateur blogger so I do ask you to bear with me.

Ready, write, go!



Joyce Alton said...

Yay! I love reading from your perspective. I'm sure this blog will be a great asset to other writers.

cherie said...

Hi Joyce! You're my first comment, yay! Thanks for the warm welcome. =)

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