A Quick Hello!

Hello! I hope you all had a great and fun holiday season. ;) I think I'm almost getting back into the swing of things...almost. Thank you for the comments you all left me in my last and very old blogpost. I've missed you all! It's been hard keeping up with the blog because of a certain reason I will reveal soon in the near future. (Um, no, I don't have an agent. I haven't even started querying yet.) :D

So. Anyway, I wish you all good health and happiness to ring in the New Year. Do you have resolutions for 2012? Goals? Mini-goals?

I'm hoping to get back into writing and finishing my NaNo novel, which needed at least 10k more to end the story. Also, I have my other WIP Hidden awaiting edits. I think I've let it stew long enough. ;) My brain has really been in a foggy state lately so I'm hoping to get back my focus really soon. Must be all those holiday goodies. I swear my kitchen counter is overflowing with treats and chocolates and fudgey goodness, and I just can't...I mean, who's gonna eat them all? Good thing candies last for a long while, eh?

Well, I'll see ya when I see ya. Now that I have a brand-new laptop for Christmas (thanks to the hubster!), this writer is going places...or something like that. ;) 

Here's a picture of the cake my hubs and I made for Christmas--a Buche de Noel!

Hey, hey!

Hello lovely people!

Yes, I've been gone for a while. And I miss you all! But my health (and those of the people in my household) hasn't been well lately and has kept me away from the Internet. Alas, I may continue to be sporadic with blog posts all through December, but I'll try really hard to keep up with all of you.

I only resurfaced today to acknowledge blog awards that wonderful people have given me. Sorry this took too long, guys!

First off, from Jenny Ryan of You Were Going to be Fantastic is the 7 x 7 Link Award. Since I've already done this, I won't sort through my posts again for the Mostest and the Bestest. :)  If you missed my 7 x 7 post, well, here it is!

Thank you, Jenny! You guys should check out her blog where she posts chapters of a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story about a girl named Katie. ;)

Next up, is the ever lovely and beautiful friend of mine, Angela V. Cook of The Starving Novelist, who gave me the Beautiful Blogger Award. I love you, girl! Thank you ;)

And lastly, a more recent one, is the One Lovely Blog Award from Dean C. Rich of The Write Time. He blogs about writing and time management, people! If you're having a hard time trying to balance writing with life, go check out some of his posts. I bet you'll find something useful or applicable to you.

Thanks, Dean!

And now, for the awardees:

7 x 7 Link:

1. Erin Summerill
2. Rachna Chhabria
3. Suzanne F. Payne

Beautiful Blogger:

1. A.M. Supinger
2. Ashley Nixon
3. Caitlin Vincent

One Lovely Blog Award

1. Jessie Humphries
2. Peggy Eddleman
3. Jen Bennett

<3 to all. And stay healthy, everyone!

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