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An Interview (Sort Of), A Monday Funny (Possibly), and An Unsparkly Day

Sooo... before I tell you why I'm feeling -10 sparkly today and all kinds of grouchy, the sweet and lovely Ashley Nixon threw a bunch of questions at me over the weekend about writerly stuff and such, so head on over there if you care to know what my writing space looks like (yes, there's a picture! And if you look closely, maybe you'll spot Ryan the Zombunny.) And heavens no, I wasn't grouchy because of this interview. Boy, wasn't that a terrible preface (sorry, Ashley! You know I love yah!)

If you still care to know what ruffled my feathers, come back over here when you're done. I can wait.

~ cue elevator music ~

By Debbie Ridpath Ohi

You're back? You're that curious, huh. I may end up disappointing you. Just a warning.

Alright, here it is: my iPhone is busted.

It still works, yeah, but the screen has these spidery webbing all over it. I know it's Halloween and all, but I prefer my spider webs to be fake, synthetic stuff I can stick on the bushes outside, not this cracked iPhone glass. :(

So I was walking my little girl to school when this family with a dog came up behind us. Their dog was making some weird huffing sound, which freaked out my daughter. She started running, tripped on the curb, and fell down. When I hurried to help her up, my iPhone slipped out of my hand and the hard cement was no way merciful. Screen totally ruined. Curse ye, weird sounding dog!

Okay, okay, I know it's not the dog's fault. Or anyone's, really. But see, my daughter is terrified of dogs because of a traumatic experience. We were at the playground once, and I think she was only 4 at that time, when this little puppy started chasing her, nipping and barking at her heels. The poor girl shrieked and screamed, and ran in circles, while the dog owners stood and watched and LAUGHED, thinking it was cute and funny.

It was neither cute nor funny. I, of course, rescued her but the damage was already done.

See now, before any of you dog owners get mad at me, hear this: I had a dog growing up. I'm no dog hater, by any means, but one thing I know is that NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO LOVE YOUR PET AS MUCH AS YOU DO. (Yes, I LOVED my dog but I was considerate of others.) So please, when you're in a public area, KEEP THEM ON A LEASH. And for goodness sake, pick up after them. We seriously had a neighbor once who let their dog use OUR FRONT YARD as their PERSONAL BATHROOM. Those turds are not gonna pick themselves up, FYI. Their dog was doing its business while we were pulling out of our driveaway, and I totally saw the guy just watched and did nothing. NOTHING!

Oh the horror! 

Ahem. I'm okay now. Still bemoaning my phone but that's life. I hope the rest of you are having a wonderful, sparkly, trauma-free day.


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